Sunday, October 26, 2014


This photo captures so much of what I love about you:
*you are so happily helping us with an unglamorous project
*whenever you are coming to visit you are asking first, "Are there any projects we can help you with?"
*I think this picture was taken during your third trip to help us with the house that first year and when Abram called to propose flying you out to help with the tiling you said, "Oh I don't know are you sure it would be worth it for you?" We looked at each other--Hmm…. He works 10-12 hours a day, plays happily with the kiddos whenever he's not working, is excited about any food we toss his way, and then wants to hang out and watch movies into the wee hours of the morning.
…Ah..YEP!!! Totally worth it, before you even add in how much we love you and love to be with you!

         At the reunion this summer, I was enjoying noticing various strengths and values in our family and one of the big ones that I was so appreciating was seeing how the dads, uncles and grandpa are all so involved family life and create so much active, wholesome fun with the kiddos. I think we all have you to thank for setting such a great example of making the most of your time with your children.
       The other strength that I was noticing that you and Grandma have so clearly instilled in this family is that of looking for ways to help and share the load and square up to big projects unflinchingly.  For all the variations of schedules and routines for the reunion (which then were loosely followed) there was never a lack of willing hands and observant eyes to notice what needed to be done. (I know this is supposed to be about you, but you picked such an incredible partner who has so clearly been your partner in this area;) You two have completely succeeded in modeling and teaching your children and grandchildren to be aware of needs and be willing to jump in and help out.
       Thank you so much for being the awesome Dad and Grandpa that you are and bringing your motto into our family by how you live; "Work hard Play hard." We are surely reaping the benefits.
Much love and Happy Birthday!!

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