Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I have no idea what number this is so I'm just going to write down some things:

1. You live by example. You never just told me what to do in life. You always demonstrated it by your actions and the way that you lived day to day. Your life is a testimony of your belief in Christ and your devotion to His cause.

2. I will always remember the vacation that we never went on and got paid for the vacation that we could have gone on.

3.  I am grateful for you being patient with me in teaching me how to work.  I admit, I was a pain in the rear at times and I deserved it. Now that I'm older, I see why you taught me those things and I hope that I can live up to the example that you set for me.

4. I remember the time you made me shovel a path to your 4runner in the snow and I took the shovel and did one straight path from the door to the door of your truck and was done.  Well, at least I thought I was. You told me you wanted a wider path and for me to shovel all around your truck.  I thought that was dumb and we argued about it I'm sure, and I ended up doing it.  Years later, the priests all showed up one night after it snowed and buried your truck and I wish I could have seen your face when you went out.

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