Tuesday, November 11, 2014

26, 25, 24

Ok Dad, 
Now I get to share 3 of my most favorite memories with you! I will have to admit, it was hard to narrow down to only three. So I decided on those that I feel had the most impact on me during my life with you and now as I am raising my own family.


First and foremost is your testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Your commitment to raise your family in righteousness has by far had the most impact on my life. You taught me by your example of obedience. Never once did you wavier, you served in all of your callings without complaint and with a love for those whom you served. You honored and magnified your priesthood by placing your hands on my hands countless times filling my life with peace and understanding. You along with Mom made it clear that attending church, seminary, and our church activities is just something we do, it's not a choice. Thank you! because of your knowledge that true happiness lies in living the Gospel, my life and the lives of my children are continuing to be blessed. 

Number 2:

So my second favorite memory and one that means all the more now that I am older and married myself, is that you truly love my Mother. 

Never once in my entire life have I ever doubted that. When we were younger you both worked so hard at not disagreeing in front of us and I will admit I was a bit surprised when I got married and found out that sometimes married couples do not always agree. But I can still vividly remember watching you and mom kiss on the steps in our many different homes and just giggling and smiling. I loved having a babysitter because you were taking Mom out on a date, friday night date night, and we all counted down the days until we were 11 so we could be in charge and babysit.  

So now my Third and Final Memory..... Well ok so I am going to wrap up a whole bunch of memories all into one big one and that is your love of life. Dad you just have the most positive attitude. Whether is working hard or playing hard you are going to give it your all and you DO!!!! You are just an upbeat fun guy to be around. I loved going hiking with you, I loved that you made me wash the car over and over again until it was perfect. I love that you grounded me because my grades weren't where they were supposed to be. I love the good times and the bad times because you taught me that no matter what, I needed to always do my best. Try my hardest, work my hardest and be proud of what I have accomplished. 

So these are my three favorite memories. I love you so much Dad, thank you for so many countless things!

Happy 6-0, (to a man who doesn't even come close to looking it)

Happy Birthday Dad!

So here are a few photos over the years that I thought you might enjoy :)

Thank you for making the sacrifice to come and see us no matter where we were

I love that you love to play with my kiddos

And put up with them no matter what they do (Yes that is a spider on your chest)

Find the fun in everything

Still not afraid to be a kid yourself

So cool that he even can wear sunglasses in his sleep :)

Not afraid to smile

Not afraid of hard work and finding the fun in it!

Love to play

Thank you for helping me to see so many beautiful places in this world that we live in!

hmmmm........ do I need to say anything :)

Love that you not only taught us to work hard but you were always showing us by example too!

Just love being a Grandpa!

Have to laugh because your wardrobe over the years hasn't changed at all :)

Dad, I love you with all my heart and just Thank you for being the wonderful man that you are. I am so privileged to be your daughter!

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